Ease To let out a sheet or line gradually
Ease Sheet To let the sheet (line) out. Eye of the Wind An unsailable sector between close hauled headings.
Ebb A falling tide
EBB A receding current.
EC European Comunity or European Commission
ECDIS electronic chart display and information system
Echo Sounder: A instrument that measures the depth of water.
Echosounder An electrical depth sounder that uses sound echoes to determine water depth. It does so by timing how long it takes a sound pulse to leave the instrument travel to the seafloor and return to the receiver on the ship.
Econometric Models A system of simultaneous equations for forecasting, based on mutual dependency among the variables used.
Economic Speed That speed of a means of transport which produces the best possible financial result for the owner. Such speed should not be in excess of the maximum or minimum output allowed for the engine(s).
Economy of Scale A phenomenon which encourages the production of larger volumes of a commodity to reduce its unit cost by distributing fixed costs over a greater quantity.
ECS electronic chart system
EDI For Administration, Commerce and Transport The ISO application level syntax rules for the structuring of user data and of the associated service data in the interchange of messages in an open environment.
EEC European Economic Community.
EEZ exclusive economic zone
Electronic Business The process of transacting business electronically. This includes the sharing of unstructured of structured business information by any electronic means among suppliers, customers, governmental bodies, service providers and other parties in order to condu
Electronic Data Interchange The transfer of structured data, by agreed standards from applications on the computer of one party to the applications on the computer of another party by electronic means.
Electronic Data Processing The computerised handling of information (e.g. business data).
Elevator Equipment used to discharge some bulk cargoes such as grain which is removed from the hold by a continuous line of buckets or by suction and carried on a conveyor belt to store.
ELT emergency locator transmitter Aeronautical radio distress beacon for alerting and transmitting homing signals
Email (Electronic mail) The sending of unstructured messages through the use of computer systems from one person to others.
Embargo 1. A government order prohibiting the entry or departure of commercial vessels or goods at its ports.
Emergency Medical Service Medical procedures in case of emergencies on board of vessels.
EN European Standard
ENC electronic navigation chart
Encryption A method of converting information into a form which can be transmitted over insecure channels such as phone lines so that confidentiality is preserved.
Endorsement The transfer of the right to obtain delivery of the goods of the carrier by means of the consignee's signature on the reverse side of a bill of lading. If the name of the new consignee (transferee) is not stated, the endorsement is an open one which means
engine bed A structure of wooden or metal supports that make up the mounting for a ship's engine.
ENGINE DEPARTMENT (Q.M.E.D.) Trained in all crafts necessary to engine maintenance (welding, refrigeration, lathe operation, die casting, electricity, pumping, water purification, oiling, evaluating engine gauges, etc.) Usually watchstanders but on some ships day workers.
Enquiry Document issued by a party interested in the purchase of goods specified therein and indicating particular, desirable conditions regarding delivery terms, etc., addressed to a prospective supplier with a view to obtaining an offer.
Ensign A nautical version of the national flag of the country flown at the stern
Enterprise An Organisation created to provide products and/or services to customers.
Entity A tangible or abstract thing of relevance to business about which data may be kept. Example: Customer, Order
EPFS Electronic Position Fixing System
EPIRB emergency position-indicating radio beacon A device, usually carried aboard maritime craft, that transmits a signal to satellites that alert search and rescue authorities and enables rescue units to locate the scene of the distress
EPIRB Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon. An emergency device that uses a radio signal to alert satellites or passing airplanes to a vessel's position.
EPIRB emergency position indicating radio beacon
EPS  IMO performance standard for ECDIS
Equator An imaginary line around the center of the world at Latitude 0°.
Equipment Material resources necessary to facilitate the transport and handling of cargo. Transport equipment does under the given circumstances not have the ability to move by its own propulsion (e.g. sea container, trailer, unit load device, pallet).
EQUIPMENT (LINERS) Maintains and repairs cargo handling equipment and also cargo with special handling characteristics.
Equipment Damage Report Written statement concerning damage to equipment, based on a physical inspection.
Equipment Interchange Receipt Physical inspection and transfer receipt.
Estimated Time of Arrival The expected date and time of arrival in a certain (air)port.
Estimated Time of Departure The expected date and time when a certain (air)port is left.
Estuary: The wide mouth of a River that is close to and runs into the sea.
Estuary: The wide mouth of a River that is close to and runs into the sea.  
ETA estimated time of arrival
ETD estimated time of departure
ETSF  Electronic Trading Stasndard Format
ETSI European Telecommunications
EU European Union
European Article Numbering Association An international body responsible for administering the European Article Numbering system.
European Pallet Pool Pool for the exchange of standard size pallets (the so-called Europallets) in European cargo traffic, formed in 1961 by a number of European rail administrators.
European Zone Charge A charge for inland haulage transport in case of carrier haulage in Europe.
EVEN KEEL When the draft of a ship fore and aft are the same.
Even Keel Said of a vessel which is balanced in such a way that the draft forward and aft is the same as the draft in the midship of the vessel on both sides.
Event An occurrence.
Evidence Something which supports a claim or hypothesis.
Excess Going over the prescribed amount or degree e.g. excess luggage is luggage of which the weight is over the weight for free carriage.
Excess Stock That portion of stock on hand which is over and above the desired stock level.
Exchange Rate The rate at which one currency can be exchanged for another, usually expressed as the value of the one in terms of the other.
Execution The actual act of carrying out a task.
Exemption Clause A clause in a contract, which relieves the carrier's responsibility for certain events.
Expected Likely to occur or appear.
Expediting The 'rushing' or 'chasing' of production or purchase orders which are needed in less than the normal lead time.
Expenses Costs paid out in connection with booking of cargo and arranging transport (e.g. commission).
Expiration Termination of a certain period.
Export The process of carrying or sending goods to another country or countries, especially for purposes of use or sale in the country of destination. The sale of products to clients abroad.
Export Licence Document granting permission to export as detailed within a specified time.
Export Packer Company, packing goods for export.
Exporter The party responsible for the export of goods.
Extract Summary or copy of something written, e.g. used in connection with the log book.