O/B on board
oakum Old hemp or jute fiber, loosely twisted and impregnated with tar or a tar derivative, used to caulk sides and decks of ships and to pack joints of pipes and caissons.
Oarlock See row lock
Object A tangible of abstract thing of relevance to business.
Object Oriented Approach The development of classes of business objects may support and have an impact on the developments in the area of simplification of EDI and its standards. A business object is a true representation of a tangible concept stemming from real business usage.
OBO ore/bulk/oil carrier
OBO SHIP A multipurpose ship that can carry ore, heavy dry bulk goods and oil. Although more expensive to build, they ultimately are more economical because they can make return journeys with cargo rather than empty as single-purpose ships often must.
Obsolete Stock The products or materials that cannot be or is unlikely to be used in future processes and which is to be sold or disposed of through the usual outlets.
OCEAN WAYBILL A document, issued by a shipping line to a shipper which serves as a receipt for the goods and evidence of the contract carriage.
OCIMF Oil Companies International Marine Forum
OCR optical character recognition
ODS Operating Differential Subsidy: A direct subsidy paid to U.S.-flag operators to offset the high operating cost of U.S.-flag ships when compared to foreign-flag counterparts.
OECD Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development
Off and Fair: Order to take off a damaged member of a vessel, to restore it to its proper shape and condition, and to replace it in position.
off the wind Sailing with the wind coming from the stern or quarter of the boat.
OFF-HIRE CLAUSE In a time charter, the owner is entitled to a limited time for his vessel to be off hire until such time as the vessel may be repaired or dry-docked.
OFFICER Any of the licensed members of the ship's complement.
Offing: Sea area lying between visible horizon and a line midway between horizon and observer on the shore. To keep an offing is to keep a safe distance away from the coast.
OFF-LOAD Discharge of cargo from a ship.
Offshore Away from land, toward the water.
Offshore Contracting work carried out at sea (e.g. drilling for oil).
offshore wind Wind that is blowing away from the land, toward the water.
Offwind Any point of sailing away from the wind
Oil Bulk Ore Vessel obo A vessel designed for the carriage of either dry or liquid bulk cargo.
OIL RECORD BOOK A book or log kept by the master of an oil tanker wherein every discharge or escape of oil is recorded.
OIL TANKER A ship designed for the carriage of oil in bulk, her cargo space consisting of several or many tanks. Tankers load their cargo by gravity from the shore or by shore pumps and discharge using their own pumps.
OILER An unlicensed member of the engine room staff who oils and greases bearings and moving parts of the main engine and auxiliaries. Most of this work is now done automatically and the oiler merely insures it operates correctly.
oiler A member of a ship's engineering crew who assisted the chief engineer with lubricating and maintaining the engine.
OMBO  One man Bridge Operation
Oncarriage The carriage of goods (containers) by any mode of transport to the place of delivery after discharge from the ocean vessel (main means of transport) at the port (place) of discharge.
One Stop Shop An organisation, which provides all needed requirements in one location.
One Way Pallet Note: The addition 'One Way' has nothing to do with the number of pallet sides in which the forks of e.g. a fork lift can enter, as opposed to the two and four way pallets.
One-design Any boat built to conform to a rule so that it is identical to all other boats
One-design Any boat built to certain standards (rules) so that is like all others in the same class.
On-line Charge The charge which applies to carriage over the lines of a single carrier.
On-scene The search area or the actual distress site
Onshore Toward the shore
OOD Navy term meaning Officer of the deck. or Day in the UK
OOUTBOARD Toward or beyond the boat's sides. A detachable engine mounted on a boat's stern.
OOW officer of the watch
OPA 90 Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (USA)
Opec Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries
Open A location that is not sheltered from the wind and seas.
OPEN RATES Pricing systems that are flexible and not subject to conference approval. Usually applied to products in which tramps are substituted for liners.
OPEN REGISTRY A term used in place of "flag of convenience" or "flag of necessity" to denote registry in a country which offers favorable tax, regulatory, and other incentives to ship owners from other nations.
Open Sided Container P&O Nedlloyd container with frames with wire-mesh at the sides covered by means of a tarpaulin, which can be dropped down to, give unrestricted access to the sides of the container for loading or discharging.
Open Top Container A freight container similar in all respects to a general purpose container except that it has no rigid roof but may have a flexible and movable or removable cover, for example one made of canvas or plastic or reinforced plastic material normally supported
Operating Efficiency A ratio of the actual output of a piece of equipment, department, or plant as compared to the planned or standard output.
Operations Research The development and application of quantitative techniques to the solution of problems. More specifically, theory and methodology in mathematics, statistics, and computing are adapted and applied to the identification, formulation, solution, validation, i
Operator The party responsible for the day to day operational management of certain premises such as ware-houses, terminals and vessels.
OPPR oil pollution preparedness and response
OPRC International Convention on Oil Pollution Preparedness,Response and Co-operation, IMO
Optimal Trim The best calculated TRIM related to speed engine capacity, fuel consumption for a specific sailing condition.
Optimization Achieving the best possible solution to a problem in terms of a specified objective function.
Option One of a limited range of choices or features that is offered to a customer when purchasing an otherwise basic standard product and that has to be an integral part of the product (used in commercial trading).
Optional Cargo Cargo of which the final destination is not known at the moment of booking but will be indicated during the transport.
Optional Port A port of which it is not known whether or not a vessel during a voyage will make a call.
Order A request to deliver specified quantities of goods or to render specific services.
Order Line Each line on a customer's purchase order. An order line always contains one Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) only, but the number may vary.
ORDINARY SEAMAN (OS) An apprentice AB, assists AB's bosun, and officers, keeps facilities clean.
ORE CARRIER A large ship designed to be used for the carnage of ore. Because of the high density of ore, ore carriers have a relatively high center of gravity to prevent them being still when at sea, that is, rolling heavily with possible stress to the hull.
ORE-BULK-OIL CARRIER A large multi-purpose ship designed to carry cargoes wither of ore or other bulk commodities or oil so as to reduce the time the ship would be in ballast if restricted to one type of commodity. This type of ship is sometimes called bulk-oil carrier.
ORE-OIL CARRIER A ship designed to carry either ore or oil in bulk.
Organisation An identifiable social unit with a particular responsibility which endeavour to achieve multiple goals by co-ordinated activities and relationships between members and objects.
OSC on-scene co-ordinator A person designated to co-ordinate search (OSC) and rescue operations within a specified area
OSV Offshore Support Vessel
OUARTERMASTER/HELMSMAN An able-bodied seamen entrusted with the steering of a vessel.
Out of Gauge Cargo Cargo which dimensions are exceeding the normal dimensions of a 20 or 40 feet container, e.g. overlength, overwidth, overheight, or combinations thereof.
out of trim Sails that are not properly arranged for the point of sail that the boat is on. The sails may have improper sail shape, or the boat may be heeling too much. These conditions will slow the boat down.
Out point To sail closer to the wind than another boat
Outboard On the side of the hull that the water is on. Outboard engines are sometimes just called outboards.
outboard engine An engine used to power a small boat. Outboard engines are mounted on a bracket aft of the stern of the boat.
Outhaul A line used to apply tension on the foot of a sail, used to maintain proper sail shape.
Outhaul A rope which hauls aft on the clew of the main sail
Outrigger A floatation device attached to one or both sides of the hull to help prevent capsizing.
Outsider A carrier, which operates on a route served by a liner conference but which is not a member of that conference.
Outsourcing Subcontracting of activities.
Outturn Report Written statement by a stevedoring company in which the condition of cargo discharged from a vessel is noted along with any discrepancies in the quantity compared with the vessel's manifest.
Outward Handling The operations to be performed on outgoing goods from a production unit, both administrative and physical, starting at the moment forwarding orders can be executed to the moment of actual departure of the goods.
Over Pivot Rate The rate per kilogram to be charged for the over pivot weight (air cargo).
Over Pivot Weight The weight in excess of the pivot weight (air cargo).
OVERBOARD Over the side or out of the boat.
OVERBOARD Over the side or out of the boat.
Overboard In the water outside of the vessel.
Overcarrier A carrier within a consortium who carries cargo beyond the allotment distributed to him.
Overfall A wave that breaks sharply over a shoal or where currents meet
Overhaul: To examine with a view to repairing or refitting. 2. To overtake. 3. To extend a tackle so that distance between blocks is increased.
Overheight Cargo Cargo, exceeding the standard height.
Overpack A unit used by a single shipper to contain one or more packages and to form one handling unit for convenience of handling and stowage. Dangerous goods packages contained in the overpack must be properly packed, marked, labelled and in proper condition as
Overtaking Passing another vessel.
Overtime Work beyond normal established working hours which usually requires a premium to be paid to the employees concerned.
OVERTONNAGING A situation where there are too many ships generally or in a particular trade for the level of available cargoes.
Overwidth Cargo Cargo, exceeding the standard width.
Owner The legal owner of cargo, equipment or means of transport.
Oxbow Lake: Part of a meander that has been cut off from the River channel owing to erosion on the outside of the meander and deposition on the inside.