Signals Flags Morse phonetic alph    

The following is the international code of signals flags and single letter meanings

  A - Diver below keep well clear at slow speed

A000 - Azimuth or bearing

  B -I am loading carrying or discharging dangerous cargo
  C - (affirmative)

C000 course

  D - keep clear of me, I am manoeuvring with difficulty

D00 00 00 - Date

  E - I am altering my course to starboard
  F - I am disabled, communicate with me
  G - I require a pilot - or by fishing vessel - I am hauling my nets7

G0000 - Longitude

  H - I have a pilot on board
  I- I am altering my course to port
  J - I am on fire with dangerous cargo
  K - I wish to communicate with you
  L - you should stop instantly

L0000 - Latitude

  M - my vessel is stopped and making no way
  N - no (negative)
  O - man overboard
  P - All persons report aboard the vessel is about to sail or by a fishing vessel - my nets are fast on an obstruction
  Q - my vessel is healthy and I request free practique
  R - no single letter meaning

R000 - range or distance in NM

  S - I am operating astern propulsion

S00 - Speed in Knots

  T - I am engaged in pair trawling

T0000 - Time Local

  U - you are standing into danger
  V - I require assistance

V00 - Speed in K.P.H

  W - I require medical assistance
  X - stop carrying out your intentions and watch for my signals
  Y - I am dragging anchor
  Z - I require a tug - or by fishing vessel - I am shooting nets

Z0000 - Time UTC

  Code and answering pennant and fullstop
  substitute 1
  substitute 2
  substitute 3
General information on signaling by flag


Group - one or more flags together

Hoist - one or more groups together

close up - flags at the top of the mast

at the DIP - flags half way up the mast

The Standard set of signaling flags is made up of 40 flags the 26 letters 10 numbers and 3 substitutes and the code pennant.

When a warship is signaling it will use the code pennant to indicate that it is an international code group and not a military signal.


These are so that you can use the same letter more than once in any signal.

First Substitute repeats the uppermost flag - v v is signalled V 1st sub

Second substitute repeats the second down V A A is signalled V A 2nd sub

Third the third down - VABB - is signalled VA B 3rd sub

example of all 3 in use is the name HANNAH

H A N 3rdsub 2ndsub 1stsub